An infallible trick for children to do their homework on time

"Jorge, hurry up, we leave home at 8 o'clock", "Clara, you have 15 minutes for breakfast." These are phrases that we say to our children without blinking, or even wondering if our children know the hours, have a watch at hand or understand the concept of time.

We are the ones who organize the children's routines and we are also the ones who get angry because they take 25 minutes to shower, when we wanted them to do it in 10. Wouldn't it be easier to give them the tools so that they can do their routines in the time that we expect? This trick for kids to get their homework done on time can help you get it done.

Children develop abstract thinking around the age of nine, before that time their mind works in a more concrete way. What does this mean? It means that it is very difficult for children to know the difference between 15 minutes and 25 minutes. Thus, That they can visualize the weather makes the situation go from disastrous to organized.

We, like many other parents, were one of those who said things like: "You have 15 minutes to have breakfast", "Come on, hurry up, in 10 minutes we will leave the house", "5 minutes with the shoes in hand and you still haven't put them on!" ... We were actually asking for something that they couldn't fulfill, no watch or no way of measuring time.

The reality is that with this type of "orders" we did not get anything, well yeah, being late everywhere. One fine day, we decided to change strategy and give the children the necessary tools to be aware of the time they had to do a task or the time they had left to finish something. But how to achieve it? To end these little day-to-day battles, I present you a trick that we started to apply at home to go out in the morning on time and finally ... we got it!

This is the Clock trick for kids to do their homework on time. And the best part is that children do not need to know the hours, minutes and seconds.

You can use a large watch, in the bazaars there are very cheap, and you will have to divide the base of the clock by colors, as if they were small trivia cheeses. Each cheese will be assigned to a different task and will take a certain time. Each parent can organize it according to their needs. Of course, the clock must be placed in a visible place, where the child can see the time they have for dinner, showering or doing their homework.

A very simple trick that achieves its goal. It is incredible what techniques as easy to apply as this one achieve and how avoid anger, rush and stress.

We live in a world governed by time, we work 8 hours (or more), we get up at a certain time, it takes 45 minutes to get to work, we have to prepare dinner before 8 ... The clock is our greatest ally ( sometimes also an enemy) when organizing our day to day and being able to manage all our tasks.

The same happens to children, however, they have it more complicated because they have to learn to perform tasks in a certain time without knowing the clock and the concept of time. Therefore, it is advisable to help them achieve it with tricks like this one about the clock with colors. And why do children need so many schedules?

- From the moment the baby is born, we begin to introduce certain routines: bathing, naps, drinking ... And, the routines provide security to babies and, of course, to children.

- Routines are a mechanism that helps children gain skills. If they pick up their toys every day, they will assimilate the habit of organization; If they brush their teeth every day, they will get into the habit of hygiene, and so on.

- Habits and routines help children to win in constancy.

- They are good to help the child to become more responsible.

- They are necessary for children to acquire habits of autonomy.

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