The amazing Oomba Loomba method to put baby to sleep in an instant

The amazing Oomba Loomba method to put baby to sleep in an instant

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After watching this video you will instantly remember the endless hours you spent walking your baby desperately looking for a few minutes of tranquility ... And it is that many babies find it very difficult to fall asleep. There are parents who have tried everything: the white noise of the dryer or the washing machine spinning, the car ride, the soft rocking of the bassinet ...Nothing like this technique: the incredible Oomba Loomba method to put baby to sleep in an instant. Do you want to learn how to do it? Here you have it.

But is it really that simple? It turns out that all it takes is a gentle rocking from side to side (very gently!) While we carefully hold the baby's headand we rhythmically repeat Oomba Loomba, Oomba Loompa, Oomba Loompa, oh!, Oompa Loompa, Oomba Loompa, Oomba Loompa, oh! ... like this, hypnotically, while we see how the baby relaxes and closes his eyes placidly.

Remember: for this technique to work,you must rock the baby from side to side while repeating the words 'Oomba Loompa'. The moment you say, 'Oh, you move the baby slightly up and down. It works for this dad. But why?

The Oomba Loompa method is similar to the 'Oooom' method of putting a baby to sleep. Some babies do not fall asleep with these methods, it is true, but they do relax. And maybe it has to do with the power of the vibration of the 'O'. When we generate an Oooom or an Oomba Loompa, while gently moving the baby, we help you relax, and we invite you to sleep. Or maybe it will be because of the repetition of the word? It is true that often when a word is repeated insistently, it causes us drowsiness ... and this, dream ...

Be that as it may, by trying, nothing is lost, don't you think? And if not, you have many other methods to achieve it.

There are many varied tricks and techniques to get our baby to sleep. From the napkin method (yes, you heard that right: napkin), to the classic lullaby from 'Arrorró mi niño' ... Here you have them all summarized:

1. Baby napkin technique: This technique consists of very gently passing a paper napkin over the baby's face. The 'tickling' sensation will make the baby very relaxed. There are people who claim that it is the only method with which they get the baby to sleep in less than a minute.

2. Oom technique to put the baby to sleep: It is a technique very similar to that of Oomba Loompa, but it must be done with a deep voice and trying to make the 'Oooom' vibrate with intensity. It is the vibration of this word that soothes the baby instantly.

3. White noise technique: Many parents turn to rhythmic ambient sounds to put their child to sleep. Many claim that the sound of the dryer is infallible, while others resort to that of the washing machine. Did you ever try?

4. The lullabies: It is the most traditional and ancient method. Lullabies, whispered in a soft voice (babies prefer high-pitched female voices in this case) exert a fascinating 'sedative' power on babies (and older). You know what they say: 'music soothes beasts'.

5. Rocking the baby: The rhythmic movement achieves a calming effect on the baby. Have you ever been rocked in a hammock? Didn't you notice how you relaxed? Imagine what it means for a baby. Magic!

6. Caresses between the eyebrows: Have you ever tried creating a gentle massage right between the eyebrows? Stroking this area of ​​the face produces a fantastic feeling of relaxation. Proof!

7. Swaddling Technique: Which actually means wrapping the baby in a soft and fine blanket, so that it feels like it is in the womb.

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