Reasons I am a single mother by choice

Reasons I am a single mother by choice

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There have always been single mothers, but not by choice, rather it was a sudden situation, not desired at all, it was carried with shame, instead of with pride; it could not be fulfilled as a mother, she and her son were socially marginalized. Currently, this vision of "single mothers" has changed and their profile, too.

I tell you the reasons why I decided to besingle mother by choice.

When I was 28 years old, I was the mother of twins, by Artificial Insemination from Donor IAD.

The current profile of a "single mother by choice”Is that woman who at one point in her life feels a powerful and strong desire to be a mother. She does not have a partner at the moment or does not want to have one, but does not want to give up motherhood for it.

Also that woman who does have a partner, but her partner does not want to have children, should she give up being a mother? When that personal conflict and the "powerful desire" to have children overcomes the desire to have a partner, the most important decision of her life is made, to be a solo mother.

Why does a child have to be born the fruit of the love of a woman and a man? That is what they have always told us and what the Children's Stories with whom we have grown up, "boy meets girl, they fall in love, marry and a baby is born as a result of their love." It is time for the story to change. I have told my children, from a very young age, a very different story ... Every family is different, of course a child is born Fruit of love, but not necessarily that of a woman and a man, they were born from my "love and desire".

Is it more lawful to marry or pair to fulfill the desire to be a mother? Having to share your life and your children with a man with whom you have married or mated without really being in love, but who at a certain point in your life, and at a certain age, you think is that way or you can never be a mother, now that the biological clock runs against us and if you wait too long to find "love", perhaps when it arrives, you have already passed the opportunity to be a "biological" mother.

Make the decision to be a solo mother, does not entail having to give up having a partner subsequently. If after having fulfilled your desire to be a mother, you feel the desire to find a partner, nothing prevents you, there is no need to follow the "socially established" steps, follow the steps that fit your own life, your needs and your wishes. Thanks to the people who have broken molds, society is changing and about single mothers there are no longer prejudices but praise.

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