Asking homework on WhatsApp is it good for children?

The Whatsapp It has burst into our lives in an explosive way, it is valid for everything and everyone, it is right now one of the main communication tools between people.

Obviously its presence is for the good things it has, but we must also control the use we give it. WhatsApp has improved, among other things, that people can be up to date with communications, messages, share photos, news, even to keep more interrelation between friends far, etc.

How we use it in terms of education refers, from my point of view, is a utility between students and parents not advisable and that we should review. I am referring to the whatsapp group of parents in their children's class and specifically whether or not we should ask parents for them. duties of our children by WhatsApp.

These groups at the informational level are fine, but when they enter educational and training matters they commit quite a few mistakes.

In particular, I am talking about the whatsapp that a parent sends at 6 or 7 in the afternoon to the group of parents in the school class, saying things like:

"Please can you send me the page And what exercises are there for tomorrow about language or math please? " my daughter or son forgot to take it, or "Can you send me the test pages tomorrow? My son forgot the book in class" ......

This, if it is a punctual day, is not important, the problem comes when becomes custom, and we start to send or receive that message practically daily.

Both negative aspects that I rescue from here are these:

1- Children are less and less autonomous. We are making our children less and less autonomous and less responsible. Children take refuge in their mother's or father's WhatsApp, in the lack of authority and excess of complacency of their parents, to make up for their lack of responsibility and autonomy.

2- Our problems are my father's problems. Nothing happens if I do not assume my tasks and my commitment, that is why my father or mother is already here, to solve my life and my problems, making these problems theirs. In the long run, all it does are children who do not have the tools to face their responsibilities since they have all been solved by parents.

As important as performing the school homework, is that the children take responsibility for taking note of the homework they have to do, and also, that they assume the consequences if one day they did not write down the homework, or did not do the homework.

The duties of our children are their responsibility, not only to do them, but to take responsibility for having their appropriate resources (books, dictionary, pencil case etc.)

If you want to invest in responsibility and autonomy do not let your son use your digital communication tools, such as WhatsApp, at his service

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