How to encourage the hospitalized child

How to encourage the hospitalized child

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It is not easy to face a situation like having to hospitalize a child. It is not easy for adults but neither for children. It is a situation that breaks our routines, and that becomes more complicated the longer the hospitalization time.

How do you live this situation the hospitalized child it will depend on several factors, such as the seriousness of the situation, the age of the child or his character. Many parents in this situation wonder how they can help their children to cope with this situation and how to encourage them in this case.

It is a difficult situation for children, and they need the adults around them to become more than ever a source of unconditional support and relief.

The first and most important thing is to explain to them, using language appropriate to their age and trying to control emotionality, why they have to spend time in the hospital. It is important to know here that how adults experience the child's illness will influence how the child experiences it. If we show anguish, worried before the child, we will infect him with the anguish and worryThat is why it is important to remain serene, calm and calm, to transmit those same sensations and emotions to the child.

You have to help them understand, and you have to make them see that even if there are uncomfortable or difficult moments, they also there will be more pleasant moments and experiences. It is important to answer the questions that children may ask us in this regard and explain to them what the visits are going to be like, when mom and dad will be, grandparents or people with whom they are normally with the child.

It is normal for them to be afraid and scared. So it is important to listen to them, give importance to what worries them, calm them, make them see that we understand them and that they see that we are by their side.

Try as much as possible to have their toys, books and objects of attachment close by that can help you stay entertained and receive visits from your family and friends and if this is not possible, we can always make a video call, so you can see and talk with your friends and family. It is important that we allow you to do activities in the hospital whenever possible. Take a walk through the hallways, go see other children in your situation, and in this way you will feel less isolated.

It is very normal for children who are hospitalized for a short or long period of time to show changes in their behavior. Crying, tantrums or anger are very common and it is totally normal since they may feel separated from the family, they want to go home, they have discomfort, pain and live surrounded by materials that can scare them, (droppers, needles, etc ...). We should not take this very into account, but we must calm them down and help them express what they feel at all times. We must be tolerant of these situations.

When children are very young we can help them express themselves by putting words to what they may be feeling., (It is normal that you are angry, I would be too, but what do you think if we read a story, or draw a picture and thus relax a little?), since many times they do not know how to express or do not have the skills and tools to express your emotions.

In short, the most important thing to encourage a child when he has to be in the hospital for a while or has to face an operation, is that parents keep calm and calm, that we answer your questions, your concerns and try to clear your fears. It will always be good to be in contact with other families who are going through the same thing, and when necessary to get in touch with professionals who can help us manage our own concerns and fears in this regard.

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