Ed Sheeran's Fascinating Trick to Beating Childhood Stuttering

Ed Sheeran's Fascinating Trick to Beating Childhood Stuttering

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'I was a very, very strange child.' Thus begins the fascinating speech of the British singer Ed Sheeran, addressed to all children and adolescents who have problems with language. Ed Sheeran is not ashamed of his past. What's more, he prides himself on having overcome all obstacles. Among them, that of stuttering.

We offer you the complete excerpt of a truly inspiring speech for parents, children and adolescents. A speech that speaks of effort, perseverance, self-esteem ... and of a trick, yes, a fascinating trick to overcome childhood stuttering. We will tell you!

I like all your speech. From the beginning to the end. It is just what many children and adolescents need to hear, what parents should tell them more often: 'eh, the important thing is not to be a popular child and become a' normal 'adult. Better to be a 'regular' kid and become an outstanding adult. '

And it is that Ed Sheeran's childhood made things difficult for him: he was born with a huge spot on his face, he had vision problems, a ruptured eardrum, and when he tried to undergo surgery to remove the spot from his face, an error with the anesthesia made him produced ... stuttering! Do you know how he managed to overcome this problem? With music! But not with just any music, but through rap. Yes, as you hear it: rapping fast was a stimulus, an incentive, a wonderful therapy to go overcoming stuttering with determination.

Ed Sheeran not only managed to overcome his speech problem: He also strengthened his self-esteem and told himself that he would achieve whatever he set his mind to. A great example of the importance of values ​​such as effort and perseverance in the education of children.

Don't miss the singer's full speech (which was recorded during a major Benefit Gala for the American Institute of Stuttering). Here you have it:

'I was a very, very strange kid, and I had a burgundy birthmark on my face. It was removed with a laser when I was little, but something bad happened with the anesthesia and I've stuttered ever since. And I was wearing huge blue glasses that the health service gave me. I hope one day you guys will have the same too ... (joke). Seriously ... and it didn't have an eardrum on one side. So stuttering was the least of my problems in school. It was difficult anyway and the worst part was knowing what to say but not being able to express it.

I went to a lot of speech therapies that didn't work. But when I was little I got involved in music, especially rap. Eminem was the first album my dad bought me. When I was 9 years old, my dad bought me the first album, not knowing what kind of music it was. And he let me listen to it until he knew every word on the record. And he was barely 10 years old. And he raps very fast and very melodic and consistent. And imitating it helped me stop stuttering. And since then I kept advancing in music.

The only thing I want to be clear ... no, not for adults. I think that the adults present are fine, they earn money and that ... It is more for the children present today who go to therapies: stuttering is not something to worry about. And although they have peculiarities and oddities ... I go to school with the most normal and they were very popular. Now one of the popular kids at school is my plumber. I'm not making it up: it's true!

I don't want you to focus on stuttering today. That is not a disease. I want the children to know that they must be themselves, because nobody in the world can be a better you than yourself. Don't try to be like the popular kid who ends up being normal. Accept their quirks because being weird is wonderful.

And from the stutterer's point of view, don't see it as a problem. Work with him and get the treatment that works for you. But never see it as a problem or a disability. Get on with your lives and ... I came out fine and you can too. '

Rap, used by singer Ed Sheeran to overcome his stuttering, it has many other benefits for children. In fact, in many schools rap is used in different subjects. Can you imagine what are the benefits that make even teachers surrender to this musical modality? Among others, we highlight these seven:

- Improve diction

- Mental agility

- Abstract verbal comprehension

- Improve vocabulary

- Improves expressiveness

- Helps express emotions

- Strengthens memory

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