Beginning of breastfeeding. What does the new mom need to eat

The beginning of the breastfeeding period is a delicate time when it comes to feeding the mother. Many recommendations are those that circulate by word of mouth and on the Internet about the needs of the mother to produce quality and quantity milk. But, What does the new mom actually need to eat at the start of breastfeeding?

- The reality is that, although the mother's diet during breastfeeding does not have to be different from the diet of any other woman, that is, healthy and balanced, the beginning of breastfeeding also coincides with the postpartum period, a moment when you have to replenish micronutrients and fluids that have been lost during labor.

- Postpartum anemia is very common in the postpartum, more than 25% of mothers suffer it even if the delivery has been without complications. The number increases alarmingly when delivery requires instruments and blood losses are higher than usual.

After childbirth it is convenient to eat foods rich in iron to recover the loss caused by childbirth. Combining these foods with others rich in vitamin C makes the absorption of non-heme iron more effective. Red meats are rich in heme iron, and legumes and some green leafy vegetables are not heme. To ensure a good intake, it is also useful to avoid foods that hinder the absorption of iron, such as caffeinated drinks or dairy products, and to postpone their intake for at least 2 hours so that they do not interfere. Fiber also hinders the absorption of iron, although it is, on the other hand, recommended to avoid constipation.

- Fish and nuts are excellent sources of omega 3 fatty acids, nutrients that are outlined as protectors against postpartum depressionThey are also a very important source of iodine, the only micronutrient that may need to be supplemented in nursing mothers.

- Lhydration is also key during this periodSince, to get rid of the fluid retention typical of the last weeks of pregnancy and that prevails after childbirth, and although it seems contradictory, water is strictly necessary.

- Slowly absorbed carbohydrates are another of the desirable foods in the diet of the nursing mother, since not only help to recover the line, controlling caloric intake and allowing energy to be released slowly, but by stabilizing blood sugar levels, they help the mother to stabilize emotionally and physically.

On the other hand, although it is absolutely cIt is true that the flavors of different foods reach breast milk, these flavors already arrived, through the placenta to amniotic fluid, so the baby is already used to them. It is not reason enough, therefore, to avoid any food during breastfeeding, and the mother can consume whatever she wants as long as it is a healthy and balanced diet.

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