Fables with dogs for children. Short stories with a moral

Fables are very short stories or tales with a message or a moral. They are fantastic transmitters of values and they can be very useful to educate children in essential values, to teach them to reflect on certain behaviors, to improve reading comprehension and to approach literature from an early age.

Most of the time, the fables are carried out by animals, something that helps to capture the attention of the children. Since we have selected the best fables with dogs for children, since it is one of the favorite animals of the little ones.

Animals are characters that empathize very well with children. For this reason, fables are excellent for capturing their attention and conveying certain messages and values. In that case, take advantage of all the fables that we have selected for you: they all have something in common, and that is that they are led by dogs.

Discover what these fables tell us through the dogs. Together with your child you will discover fascinating messages on which you can talk, think and reflect.

Why do dogs smell their tails? Curious Mexican legend for children. 'Why do dogs smell their tails' tries to explain in a fancy tone why dogs when they find themselves recognize each other by smelling their tails. A very curious story that also makes us think about the relationship between dogs and humans and about the unfair treatment that we sometimes give to these faithful companions.

The hungry dogs. If you are looking for short stories and fables for children with which to teach values ​​to your children, our site recommends the fables of Phaedrus.

The two bitches. Phaedrus, Aesop or La Fontaine try to explain through their famous fables, attitudes and facts that are difficult for children to understand. On our site you can find many of them that will help you in your education.

A hunter and a dog. If you are looking for fables, short stories or legends with which to teach your children valuable life lessons, our site recommends the fable of Phaedrus, 'A hunter and a dog'.

The dog that wanted to be human. The dog that wanted to be a human being is a modern fable, written by Augusto Monterroso, a cautionary tale that teaches children to accept themselves as they are.

The wolf and the dog. The wolf and the dog. Fables with a moral and children's stories to teach children such important values ​​as solidarity, prudence or honesty.

The dog and the crocodile. our site tells you 'The dog and the crocodile'. Children's stories help to develop the imagination and creativity of your children and fables help educate them in values ​​thanks to their morals and messages.

The blacksmith and his dog. Aesop's fables with moral, short children's stories for children. Popular fables to help children read. Stories to stimulate children's reading.

Wolves reconcile with dogs. Traditional Aesop fables to educate in values. our site brings you short children's stories with a moral. Popular children's fables such as 'Wolves reconciling with dogs' for children.

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