Vegetable recipes for children. Easy and appetizing

Vegetable recipes for children. Easy and appetizing

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How to get our children to eat vegetables? Their appearance and taste, a bit bitter, make children reject them. However, parents know that they must be part of the child's diet due to their high content of vitamins, minerals, fiber or water. What to do to make children like vegetables? A good option is to prepare those recipes that proposes us.

Recipes in which you can camouflage vegetables so that your children learn to eat and savor them almost without realizing it.

We have selected a series of recipes made with vegetables, but which are camouflaged so that the children accept them and enjoy the dish.

Recipes with zucchini. Recipes for children with zucchini. Zucchini with fish, with rice, with pasta. Stuffed zucchini, in rolls with meat and cheese. our site offers us recipes with zucchini, very easy and quick to prepare. How to make creams, lasagna, pasta, breads, soups, pancakes and rice with zucchini for children.

Recipes with spinach. If we show the children spinach they will tell us that they are not going to eat it since children often eat through their eyes and visually it is not very attractive, but on our site we propose rich, fun and very healthy recipes made with spinach. Enjoy your meal!

Recipes with broccoli. Recipe ideas with broccoli for children and pregnant women. On our site you can find simple and homemade recipes with broccoli for your children. Broccoli is a vegetable with many vitamins, iron, calcium, and prevents constipation and bone problems.

Recipes with leeks. The leek in the kitchen for children. our site has selected some rich and healthy recipes with leeks or garlic joint, so that you can prepare them with for your children, at home.

Recipes with mushrooms and mushrooms. How to prepare easy and tasty recipes with mushrooms and mushrooms for the family. our site has selected a list of recipes with mushrooms, mushrooms and other fungi, so that they can prepare them at home for children and families.

Recipes with Eggplants. What do eggplants contribute to children's nutrition? our site offers recipes with eggplants for children. In a balanced diet, vegetables play a very important role, which is why we suggest some healthy and attractive recipes with aubergine.

Recipes with carrots. Recipes for children have to be designed to suit their tastes but forming part of a complete diet, so we suggest some recipes with carrots for children.

Mashed vegetables. With the vegetable and chicken puree, specially designed for the baby, you will have a dish that provides vitamins, proteins and all the nutrients your child needs to grow up healthy. Homemade recipe for chicken puree with vegetables. Step-by-step recipe with photos, easy and healthy, ideal for the whole family to eat vegetables.

Vegetable croquettes. With vegetables we can also make croquettes and thus promote the consumption of vegetables in the diet of children. Ideal recipe for children with diabetes. On our site we suggest you make these vegetable croquettes, a very healthy recipe for the whole family.

Vegetable Pie. We tell you everything you need to make this delicious vegetable cake for children with spinach and carrot. Original proposal from our site for children to eat vegetables. Easy vegetable cake recipe for both lunch and dinner for the family.

Vegetable pizza. Pizza recipe with aubergine and zucchini for children. If we ask children about their favorite foods, many will opt for pizza. That is why our site offers us this recipe for children of vegetable pizza with aubergine and zucchini.

Colorful vegetable flan. Simple vegetable tart for children. Vegetable flan with egg for children. A simple dish for children to eat vegetables. On our site we tell you all the details of this recipe, its ingredients and the step by step of its preparation. You will suck your fingers.

Vegetable omelette. Vegetable omelette recipe. our site offers us a quick, easy and convenient recipe to prepare for children's lunch or dinner. A recipe to encourage children to eat vegetables.

Rice with vegetables. The ideal dish for the vegetarian diet or to take at Easter, a recipe for children of healthy and quick rice with vegetables for the whole family. At Guiainfantil we teach you how to cook rice with vegetables

Noodles with vegetables. Chinese noodles recipe with vegetables and soy. A light and healthy option for children's lunch or dinner, this recipe for Chinese noodles with vegetables and soy sauce. A very complete vegetarian recipe offered by our site

Turkey stuffed with vegetables. Reinvent recipes by combining ingredients in original ways, like these turkey breasts stuffed with vegetables, a light recipe for children. We have developed a healthy and easy-to-make recipe for family lunch or dinner. The children are going to repeat it, for sure.

Salad recipes. Selection of 29 recipes to prepare delicious and healthy salads for the whole family. our site invites us to make various salads for children. Ways to prepare a salad. Ingredients for making salads. Easy salads for kids.

Vegetable croquettes with cheese sauce. Croquettes are a dish that all children love. Why not put the dreaded vegetables inside? A good way for children to eat vegetables without even realizing it. Vegetable croquettes with cheese room.

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